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10 inch Misen Nonstick Pan
Nonstick Pan

Long-lasting nonstick surface, ideal for delicate foods that easily stick.

Misen Chef's Knife
Chef’s Knife

The most important tool in your kitchen. Only the essentials you need.

Misen Paring Knife
Paring Knife

The perfect companion to our Chef’s Knife, this knife excels all of the precision cuts and fine-detail work in your kitchen.

Misen Essentials Knife Set
Essentials Knife Set

Maximum versatility, minimum counter space. These are the essential knives you need to start cooking better.

Misen 8-inch nonstick pan
Nonstick Pan

Long-lasting nonstick surface and spacious cooking area. Ideal for delicate foods that easily stick.

10 inch Misen Stainless Skillet
Stainless Skillet

A versatile and spacious workhorse, great for searing, sautéing and more.

12 inch Misen Carbon Steel Pan
Carbon Steel Pan

A versatile pro favorite — easier to use than cast iron, lasts forever, and develops a nonstick surface through seasoning.

Misen Chef's knife in blue
Misen Chef's knife in blue
Chef’s Knife

This knife that can do 99% of all kitchen tasks. The ideal combination of strength, lasting sharpness, and versatility for every kitchen.

Misen Utility Knife
Utility Knife

Larger than a paring knife and smaller than a chef’s knife, this underrated chef favorite can do the jobs of both.

Misen Santoku Knife
Santoku Knife

A distinctive rounded-down tip and flatter blade edge make this all-purpose knife great at slicing nearly anything.

Misen universal lid in blue
Universal Lids

Three sizes of our universal lids form an airtight seal on almost every dish, whether you need to cover steaming greens or keep leftovers fresh.

2 qt Misen Saucier

Similar to the saucepan, but easier to use! Rounded walls and wider diameter make stirring easier without food sticking or burning.

Misen Steak Knives
Steak Knives

Our Steak Knife Set not only makes quick work of perfectly-cooked proteins, but also looks great doing it.

Misen Short Chef's Knife
Short Chef’s Knife

This shorter blade provides greater precision and control than the larger version, and is often preferred by new or small-handed cooks.

Carbon Steel Pan
Carbon Steel Pan

A versatile pro favorite — easier to use than cast iron, lasts forever, and develops a nonstick surface through seasoning.

Misen Serrated Knife
Serrated Knife

This “bread knife” effortlessly bites into tough surfaces and glides through soft even slices without breaking a sweat.

Complete Cookware Set
Complete Cookware Set

A comprehensive 12-piece cookware set that’ll last you a lifetime, without cluttering your cabinets.

Misen 3 QT Saute pan
3 QT Sauté

A wide, flat-bottomed pan with greater depth and surface area perfect for braising, poaching, frying and searing.

Misen Roasting Pan
Roasting Pan

Unique design updates to a kitchen staple turns this roasting pan into a triple threat that can bake, sear, roast, and more.

Chef's knife and skillet
Chef's Knife + Skillet Bundle

Two essentials that’ll instantly level up your cooking. This knife and pan combo is the perfect start to upgrading your kitchen.

Misen essential cookware set
Essentials Cookware Set

A 9-piece cookware set that'll cover your bases, without cluttering cabinets. All made of 5-ply steel and aluminum, built to last a lifetime.

Cookware + Knife Bundles
Cookware + Knife Bundles

The ideal combination of knives and pans for maximum flexibility in the kitchen. Everything you need to cook better.

Misen starter cookeware set with saucier, skillet, and saute pan
Starter Cookware Set

An incredible 5-piece cookware set designed to help you cook better and improve your experience in the kitchen.