Knife Accessories

Misen sharpening stone 220-grit in green
Sharpening Stones

High-quality water stones are a kitchen staple. Everything you need to restore, sharpen, and fine-tune your knife.

Misen cutting board in Ash
Cutting Board

A spacious and sturdy light wood board that’s not only perfect for everyday prep, but also a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Misen Knife Storage block in acacia
Knife Storage Block

A slim, low-profile wood block designed for easy retrieval. Fits the Misen 3- and 5-piece Knife Sets.

Misen digital gift card
Digital Gift Card

Want someone you love to cook (and eat) well? The Misen gift card is the perfect Inbox-friendly solution for anyone.

Misen Magnetic Knife Strip in ash
Magnetic Knife Strip

Our wall-mounted magnetic strip is compatible with all Misen knives and many metal utensils.