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Cookware Accessories

Misen Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax tin seen from above with blue lid removed to reveal pale yellow seasoning wax puck.
Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax

A blend of natural oils and waxes perfect for seasoning carbon steel pans.

Misen Universal Lids
Universal Lids

Universal lids form an airtight seal on almost every dish, whether you need to keep moisture on steaming greens or keep a sauce warm before serving.

Star-shaped grey felt pan protector with Misen logo on a white seamless background.
Pan Protector

Store your nonstick cookware worry-free. Protects stacked cookware from scratching.

A front view of the Misen Stainless Steel Cleaner canister.
Stainless Steel Cleaner

A gentle powdered cleaner that restores the surface of cookware through eliminating rust, baked-on grime, and tarnish.