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Japanese Water Stones: The Time-Tested Knife Sharpening Tool

A Japanese water stone

If you’re looking for a way to keep your cutlery sharp, this traditional whetstone is one of the best options.

How to Cut a Pomegranate Using Everyday Kitchen Tools

How to cut a pomegranate: a pairing knife blade

Tackle this tricky but highly nutritious fruit with these easy steps.

Learn How to Cut Asparagus and Get That Crunch

How to cut asparagus: a chef's knife

Asparagus is one of the most versatile vegetables, but it needs to be cut right.

How to Choose the Best Large Cutting Board

A chef chops shallots on a large cutting board

A large cutting board can have many more uses than just cutting.

Learn How to Cut a Peach and Make Life Sweet

How to cut a peach: a pairing knife

Peaches are delicious enough to eat plain but also play a starring role in many classic recipes.

Learn the Parts of a Knife and Know What to Look for When You Buy

Parts of a knife: a serrated, chef's, and pairing knife with the blades facing up

Learning the different parts of a knife can help you make smart choices when buying one.

Which Japanese Kitchen Knives Do You Need?

Japanese kitchen knives: a santoku

Japanese knives are often specialized and high quality but also very expensive.

Find the Best Steak Knives to Sharpen Your Dining Experience

The best steak knives: Misen steak knives out of the box

Steak knives are a must in any food-loving household.

Learn How to Cut an Avocado Without the Mess and Mush

How to cut an avocado: a chef's knife

The best knife to cut an avocado is a chef’s knife with a 7-10-inch blade, which can completely slice through the entire length of the fruit.The...

Santoku vs. Chef's Knife: Comparing the 2 Popular Kitchen Knives

Santoku vs. chef's knife: three knives on a cutting board with diced carrots

These are two of the most popular kitchen knives, and in a head-to-head competition, they each have different strengths.

Chopped vs. Diced: A Look at 2 Commonly Confused Knife Cuts

Chopped vs. diced: A chef chops an onion

Knowing the difference between these two commonly confused knife cuts can make a big difference in your cooking.

How to Julienne: 3 Techniques for Any Type of Ingredient

How to julienne: A chef slices scallions

Sharpen your kitchen skills with one of the thinnest, classiest, and most popular knife cuts used today.