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Lifetime Warranty Against Defects

It takes years of meticulous design and testing to develop each and every one of our products. They are crafted to withstand a lifetime of cooking under even the most strenuous condition. That’s why all Misen products come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects.

Damage to products from misuse, intentional abuse, accidental damage, normal wear and tear, or issues that occur from failure to follow care instructions and product guides is not covered.

We’d be happy to help quickly and easily replace any products covered by our Lifetime Warranty against defects. You can submit a claim here.

Misen will not cover damage that occurs from using the knife for any other purpose than cutting food (ex. Screwdriver, can opener, hammer, outdoor work), normal knife dulling, rusting from improper drying or leaving in dishwasher/water, bent tips or chips from misuse, and breakage from dropping

Stainless Steel Cookware
Misen will not cover damage that occurs from heating over the 800°F threshold, dark marks / stains /light scratches that occur from normal use and don’t affect cooking, rusting from leaving in water, or dents and damage caused from accidents or dropping the cookware.

Carbon Steel Cookware
Misen will not cover damage that occurs from improper use and care that results in dents or rusting, warping that occurs from heating an empty dry pan for prolonged periods, stripped seasoning due to improper cleaning or cooking with acidic foods, minor concavities on cooking surface that do not affect the use, and discolorations or changes to appearance over time as this is not a defect and a natural part of the pan.

Enameled Cast Iron Cookware
Misen will not cover defects that occur after regular dishwasher usage (it should be handwashed), chipping or cracking caused by dropping or improper usage and storage, light scratches on the interior enamel cooking surface that occur during regular usage, dark stains from cooking that don’t impact cooking capabilities, and impurities in the enamel coating that do not affect the usage.

Nonstick Cookware
Misen will not cover damage that occurs from heating over the 400°F threshold, heating an empty pan for sustained periods of time, dents from accidents or dropping, light scratches that occur from improper storage, cleaning, or use with metal utensils, and normal wear and tear to the surface of the cookware that results in the nonstick coatings becoming less effective over time.

Ceramic Tools
Misen will cover breakage that occurs during shipping and loose parts that fall off or become separated.

Silicone and Plastic Tools
Misen will not cover color fading over time, staining, and warping for exposure to high temperatures including in the dishwasher.

Misen will not cover damage to textiles caused by improper use and care or occur from normal wear and tear.