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Over 46,000 customers have given Misen five star reviews!

Over 46,000 5-Star Reviews

Our Misen Mission

Using a Misen paring knife to cut a shallot next to a cutting board with a Misen Chef's Knife that has been used to prep delicata squash. The sliced squash then goes on parchment paper lined sheet pans, ready to roast. A sage enameled cast iron braiser can also be seen on the countertop.

Unreal cookware

Our products are chef-level, and can make a huuuuuge difference in how you cook.

And let's face it, trendy stuff winds up in a landfill.

Misen is built to last.

Our Misen Prep Tools, shown in blue, are made with high-grade silicone handles. All you need to grab, flip, scoop, or mix anything in the kitchen.

Unreal prices

Quality cookware shouldn’t be a luxury or just for the pros, people.

We source the absolute best materials and efficiently build stuff that's both affordable and durable.

Cooking tomato-poached fish in a sage green Misen Enameled Cast-Iron Braiser.

For real people who cook

We want you to love to cook as much as we do!

Rushing to get dinner on the table or trying out a crazy new recipe?

Misen makes cooking easier – and happier!

Sketches and blueprints of our first Misen Chef's Knife prototype

Made with you!

Most of our products launched on kickstarter, with your input and trust.

(Thanks again, all 140K of you!)

Stay tuned for a few upcoming kickstarters that'll fire you up.

More Misen Mantras

  • Our customer service team is in-house, knowledgeable and friendly. We're here to help!

    We do real customer service.

    Reach out for help, and you'll
    get an expert from our team.
    We don't outsource.

  • Free Shipping on all orders in the contiguous United States over $99

    We do free shipping.

    Shipping charges...suck.
    Spend 99 bucks, and it's on
    us. Hey, every little bit helps.

  • Try our products risk free for sixty days!

    We give you a 60-day test drive.

    Try us out. Cut things.
    Cook things. Still not happy?
    Send it back for a full refund.

  • Misen has use & care guides to help you care for all of your products

    We steer you right.

    Good stuff is worth treating
    with care. We tell you exactly
    what you need to know.

  • Everything comes with a limited lifetime warranty on defects. We can take the heat!

    We stand by our products.

    Everything comes with a
    lifetime warranty on defects.
    We can take the heat!

p.s. It's pronounced Mee-zen - from 'mise en place' which means, 'to put in place'

Thanks for your epic shout-outs!

@misenkitchen #misenmade