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What's New

The past year has been our busiest yet. Check out some of our favorite new products below to get caught up on the latest.

A Blue Misen Chef’s Knife, Misen Nonstick Pan, and Misen Carbon Steel Pan seen from directly overhead.
The Starter Chef Bundle

Three all-purpose, everyday kitchen essentials make this a perfect starter set for new cooks.

A grey Misen Oven Steel, seen from a slight angle.
Oven Steel

Minimizes oven temperature fluctuations, so you get more consistent results and better browning, for a lifetime.

Cutting Board
Cutting Board

Lightweight wood cutting boards ideal for everyday prep. Multiple size options will perfectly fit any size kitchen.

Empty Misen In-Drawer Knife Storage made from light Ash wood, seen from a slight angle.
In-Drawer Knife Storage

Durable, attractive wood knife storage that saves both counter and wall space by fitting neatly in a kitchen drawer.

An Ash Misen Knife Block seen from the side, containing a 5-piece Blue Misen Essentials Knife Set.
Knife Storage Block

A slim, low-profile wood knife block designed for easy retrieval. Fits both Misen Knife Sets and Kitchen Shears.

View of Ash Magnetic Knife Strip from directly overhead, with Misen logo clearly stamped in the lower right-hand corner.
Magnetic Knife Strip

Our wall-mounted magnetic strip is compatible with all Misen knives and many metal utensils.

Blue Misen Kitchen Shears with blades closed.
Kitchen Shears

Comfortable kitchen shears featuring micro-serrations on strong, stainless steel blades, for heavy-duty cuts and fine snips alike.

Two small grey Misen Cutting Sheets and two large blue Misen Cutting Sheets seen from directly overhead.
Cutting Sheets

A pack of four flexible, lightweight plastic cutting sheets with endless kitchen applications.

A front view of the Misen Stainless Steel Cleaner canister.
Stainless Steel Cleaner

A gentle powdered cleaner that restores the surface of cookware through eliminating rust, baked-on grime, and tarnish.

Blue Misen Dutch Oven covered by Grill Lid.
Dutch Oven

The Misen Dutch Oven is an update to the cookware classic. Four layers of premium enamel offer lifelong durability.

A Blue Misen Enameled Cast Iron Grill Pan face-up, showing a black cooking surface and raised grill ridges.
Grill Pan

Grill indoors on any stovetop with its thick cast iron core and nearly nonstick enamel surface, at a fair price.

Carbon Steel Wok
Carbon Steel Wok

A naturally nonstick, 12-inch carbon steel wok that’s compatible with all stovetops and features ergonomic, stay-cool handles.