The Misen 3-Piece Essentials Knife Set includes a Chef's Knife, a Serrated Knife and a Paring Knife.
The Misen 3-Piece Essentials Knife Set includes a Chef's Knife, a Serrated Knife and a Paring Knife.

The cutting edge your kitchen needs.

Single Knives

Only need one? Get a multitasking workhorse, or a specialized blade.

Misen Chef's Knife
Chef’s Knife

The most important tool in your kitchen. Only the essentials you need.

Misen Paring Knife
Paring Knife

The perfect companion to our Chef’s Knife, this knife excels all of the precision cuts and fine-detail work in your kitchen.

Misen Utility Knife
Utility Knife

Larger than a paring knife and smaller than a chef’s knife, this underrated chef favorite can do the jobs of both.

Misen Santoku Knife
Santoku Knife

A distinctive rounded-down tip and flatter blade edge make this all-purpose knife great at slicing nearly anything.

Misen Short Chef's Knife
Short Chef’s Knife

This shorter blade provides greater precision and control than the larger version, and is often preferred by new or small-handed cooks.

Misen Serrated Knife
Serrated Knife

This “bread knife” effortlessly bites into tough surfaces and glides through soft even slices without breaking a sweat.

Knife Sets

Essential sets, without the clutter.

Misen Essentials Knife Set
Essentials Knife Set

Maximum versatility, minimum counter space. These are the essential knives you need to start cooking better.

Misen Steak Knives
Steak Knives

Our Steak Knife Set not only makes quick work of perfectly-cooked proteins, but also looks great doing it.

Knife Accessories

To help you store and care for your new favorite knives.

Green 220 Grit Misen Sharpening Stone
Sharpening Stones

High-quality water stones are a kitchen staple. Everything you need to restore, sharpen, and fine-tune your knife.

Misen Knife Storage Block in carbonized acacia wood
Knife Storage Block

A slim, low-profile wood block designed for easy retrieval. Fits the Misen 3- and 5-piece Knife Sets.

Misen Cutting Board in ash wood
Cutting Board

A spacious and sturdy light wood board that’s not only perfect for everyday prep, but also a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Misen Magnetic Knife Strip in ash wood
Magnetic Knife Strip

Our wall-mounted magnetic strip is compatible with all Misen knives and many metal utensils.

Misen Digital Gift Card
Digital Gift Card

Want someone you love to cook (and eat) well? The Misen gift card is the perfect Inbox-friendly solution for anyone.