Prep like a professional.

Prep Tools

Good preparation makes for great cooking. Here are a few tools to perfect your prep.

Universal Lids

Three sizes of our universal lids form an airtight seal on almost every dish, whether you need to cover steaming greens or keep leftovers fresh.


This platinum-grade silicone spatula is your new go-to for gentler mixing and scraping. Designed with a flexible spatula head perfect for rescuing food from tight corners.

Sharpening Stones

High-quality water stones are a kitchen staple. Everything you need to restore, sharpen, and fine-tune your knife.

Cutting Board

A spacious and sturdy light wood board that’s not only perfect for everyday prep, but also a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Knife Storage Block
Knife Storage Block

A slim, low-profile wood block designed for easy retrieval. Fits the Misen 3- and 5-piece Knife Sets.

Magnetic Knife Strip
Magnetic Knife Strip

Our wall-mounted magnetic strip is compatible with all Misen knives and many metal utensils.