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Silicone Handle

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Protect your hands, people! Our popular stay-cool silicone handles slide on and off so you can pop them in the dishwasher. They’ve got a nice soft textured grip on the underside, which makes them especially comfy and easy to, ahem, handle. And, we’ve made them available on their own, just in case yours accidentally got caught in the sink disposal.

What you need to know

  • Use: Misen V2 Nonstick and Carbon Steel Skillets
  • Size: Small fits 8” pans - Large fits 10” and 12” pans
  • Design: Textured underside is soft and ergonomic
  • Color: Available in our signature Misen blue 
  • Cleanup: Dishwasher safe!
  • Heat Check: Good up to 450 degrees


Small (Fits 8" Original Nonstick Pans and 8" Carbon Steel Skillets)
Weight: 1.7 oz / 0.05 kg
Length: 5.4 in. / 13.9 cm
Width: 1.4 in. / 3.7 cm
Height: 0.5 in. / 1.5 cm

Large (Fits 10" & 12" Original Nonstick Pans and 10" & 12" Carbon Steel Skillets)
Weight: 2.1 oz / 0.06 kg
Length: 6.3 in. / 16 cm
Width: 1.4 in. / 3.7 cm
Height: 0.5 in. / 1.5 cm

Materials: High-grade Silicone
Country of Production: PRC

Use, Care, and Warranty

• Oven Safe up to 450°F / 232°C
• Hand-wash with soap and warm water. Dishwasher safe.

All Misen Cook Tool products come with a lifetime warranty against defects. For all products, we will replace any defective cook tools. Learn more about our warranty policy here and what's covered.

  • 60-Day Test Drive

  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Defects

  • Free Returns

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