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Prep Tools [Klaviyo]

Misen Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax tin seen from above with blue lid removed to reveal pale yellow seasoning wax puck.
Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax

A blend of natural oils and waxes perfect for seasoning carbon steel pans.

Misen Universal Lids
Universal Lids

Universal lids form an airtight seal on almost every dish, whether you need to keep moisture on steaming greens or keep a sauce warm before serving.

Misen Spatula

A high-grade silicone spatula perfect that’s gentle on cookware, with flexible head for reaching into tight corners.

Star-shaped grey felt pan protector with Misen logo on a white seamless background.
Pan Protector

Store your nonstick cookware worry-free. Protects stacked cookware from scratching.

Green 220 Grit Misen Sharpening Stone
Sharpening Stones

High-quality water stones are a kitchen staple. Everything you need to restore, sharpen, and fine-tune your knife.

Blue Misen Kitchen Shears with blades closed.
Kitchen Shears

Comfortable kitchen shears featuring micro-serrations on strong, stainless steel blades, for heavy-duty cuts and fine snips alike.

A Blue Misen 10-Piece Prep Tool set seen from above. All tools are arranged side-by-side in a horizontal line on a grey background.
Essentials Prep Tool Set

A 10-piece prep tool set that’ll help you handle any kitchen prep task.

A front view of the Misen Stainless Steel Cleaner canister.
Stainless Steel Cleaner

A gentle powdered cleaner that restores the surface of cookware through eliminating rust, baked-on grime, and tarnish.

Empty Misen In-Drawer Knife Storage made from light Ash wood, seen from a slight angle.
In-Drawer Knife Storage

Durable, attractive wood knife storage that saves both counter and wall space by fitting neatly in a kitchen drawer.

An Ash Misen Knife Block seen from the side, containing a 5-piece Blue Misen Essentials Knife Set.
Knife Storage Block

A slim, low-profile wood knife block designed for easy retrieval. Fits both Misen Knife Sets and Kitchen Shears.

Cutting Board
Cutting Board

Lightweight wood cutting boards ideal for everyday prep. Multiple size options will perfectly fit any size kitchen.

Two small grey Misen Cutting Sheets and two large blue Misen Cutting Sheets seen from directly overhead.
Cutting Sheets

A pack of four flexible, lightweight plastic cutting sheets with endless kitchen applications.

A grey Misen Oven Steel, seen from a slight angle.
Oven Steel

Minimizes oven temperature fluctuations, so you get more consistent results and better browning, for a lifetime.

A Blue Misen Metal Fish Spatula on a white background. Shows a slotted and flared metal head attached to a silicone handle.
Fish Spatula

A fish spatula designed for the perfect balance between flexibility and strength for lifting and flipping.

View of Ash Magnetic Knife Strip from directly overhead, with Misen logo clearly stamped in the lower right-hand corner.
Magnetic Knife Strip

Our wall-mounted magnetic strip is compatible with all Misen knives and many metal utensils.

Blue Misen Metal Tongs in a closed position, seen from the side on a seamless white background.

Scallop-edged stainless steel tongs ideal for grabbing, flipping, turning, and plating food.

Blue Misen Spoontula seen from above on a white background. A curved spoon-like head with rounded corner edges and a long handle.

The flexible edge of a spatula and the deep curve of a spoon — in one heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe utensil.

Misen Digital Gift Card
Digital Gift Card

Want someone you love to cook (and eat) well? The Misen gift card is the perfect Inbox-friendly solution for anyone.

A Blue Misen Peeler with silicone handle and metal Y-shaped head viewed from above on a white background.

A peeler designed specifically for smooth, steady peeling, and to stay comfortable in your hand.

A Blue Misen 5-Piece Prep Tool set seen from above. All tools are arranged side-by-side in a horizontal line on a grey background.
Basic Prep Tool Set

A 5-piece prep tool set with all you need to grab, flip, scoop, or mix anything in the kitchen.

Blue Misen Ladle seen from above on a white background. A deep scoop head with a long silicone handle.

A silicone ladle with measurement lines and a partially flexible scoop for getting into corners.

A Blue Misen Mixing Spatula on a white background.
Mixing Spatula

A silicone spatula perfect for use on nonstick pans. Designed with a flexible head for reaching into tight corners.

A Blue Misen Slotted Spoon seen from above on a white background.
Slotted Spoon

High-grade silicone mixing spoon with holes for skimming and straining. Heat-safe up to 400ºF and dishwasher-friendly.

A Blue Misen Mixing Spoon seen from above on a white background.
Mixing Spoon

Classic kitchen mixing utensil made with heat-safe and dishwasher-friendly high grade silicone.

View of Blue Misen Pastry Brush from above on a white background.
Pastry Brush

With high-grade silicone bristles and handle, this pastry brush is dishwasher-friendly and heat-safe to 400º F.

Blue Misen Whisk seen from above on a white background.

Stainless steel whisk designed with a comfortable silicone handle and plenty of wires for better aeration & mixing.

An empty White Misen Prep Tool Holder seen from the side on a white seamless background.
Prep Tool Holder

An elegant cream concrete container for all your prep tools. Fits MIsen 5- and 10-piece Prep Tool Sets.

A front view of the stainless steel Misen Oven Thermometer, showing the glass face, dial, and temperature readings, on a white background.
Oven Thermometer

A simple, incredibly effective oven thermometer that’s been third party-verified for accuracy.

Parchment Paper
Parchment Paper

Pre-cut parchment paper sheets for easiest cooking and cleanup. No trimming, tearing, or tough scrubbing included.

A top view of two blue Misen Silicone Roasting Racks at an angle, laying side by side.
Silicone Roasting Racks

An easy-to-clean, modular roasting rack set that maximizes airflow beneath your roasts for even browning and better cooking.