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Stainless Steel

10 inch Misen Stainless Skillet
Stainless Skillet

A versatile and spacious workhorse, great for searing, sautéing and more.

2 qt Misen Saucier

Similar to the saucepan, but easier to use! Rounded walls and wider diameter make stirring easier without food sticking or burning.

Misen 3 QT Saute pan
3 QT Sauté

A wide, flat-bottomed pan with greater depth and surface area perfect for braising, poaching, frying and searing.

Misen Starter Cookware Set
Starter Cookware Set

An incredible 5-piece cookware set designed to help you cook better and improve your experience in the kitchen.

Misen Essentials Cookware Set
Essentials Cookware Set

A 9-piece cookware set that'll cover your bases, without cluttering cabinets. All made of 5-ply steel and aluminum, built to last a lifetime.

Misen Complete Cookware Set
Complete Cookware Set

A comprehensive 12-piece cookware set that’ll last you a lifetime, without cluttering your cabinets.

Misen Chef's Knife + Skillet Bundle in blue
Chef's Knife + Skillet Bundle

Two essentials that’ll instantly level up your cooking. This knife and pan combo is the perfect start to upgrading your kitchen.

Misen Starter Cookware + Knife Bundle in blue
Cookware + Knife Bundles

The ideal combination of knives and pans for maximum flexibility in the kitchen. Everything you need to cook better.

Misen 6 QT Rondeau pan
6 QT Rondeau

A restaurant kitchen staple — wide base, vertical sides, and two helper handles make it excel braising, frying, and searing.

Misen 8 QT Stockpot
8 QT Stockpot

Deep 8-quart capacity comes from its tall, straight sides — excellent for simmering, boiling, and steaming in bigger quantities.

Misen Roasting Pan
Roasting Pan

Unique design updates to a kitchen staple turns this roasting pan into a triple threat that can bake, sear, roast, and more.