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The best kitchen gear, honestly priced. We take pride in offering high performance kitchen gear at fair prices. Good tools help you cook better. So offering these critical tools — including the best chef’s knife at a fair price and the best nonstick pan without an excessive markup — is the core of our collection. Our featured collection includes pieces that are staples in every kitchen, like the Chef’s Knife, Nonstick Pan, and Stainless Skillet. And thanks to tons of research, design, hands-on testing, and partnership development we’re able to offer these high-quality essentials without the outrageous markups.

10 inch Misen Nonstick Pan
Nonstick Pan

Long-lasting nonstick surface, ideal for delicate foods that easily stick.

Misen Chef's Knife
Chef’s Knife

The most important tool in your kitchen. Only the essentials you need.

12 inch Misen Carbon Steel Pan
Carbon Steel Pan

The pro favorite can handle anything, in the material we love for its all-in-one versatility and lifetime durability.

Misen Essentials Knife Set
Essentials Knife Set

Maximum versatility, minimum counter space. These are the essential knives you need to start cooking better.

10 inch Misen Stainless Skillet
Stainless Skillet

A versatile and spacious workhorse, great for searing, sautéing and more.

Blue Misen Dutch Oven covered by Grill Lid.
Dutch Oven

The Misen Dutch Oven is an update to the cookware classic. Four layers of premium enamel offer lifelong durability.

Misen Complete Cookware Set
Complete Cookware Set

A comprehensive 12-piece cookware set that’ll last you a lifetime, without cluttering your cabinets.